M³ Capital Partners specialize in business acquisition in service, technology and healthcare industries.

How We Got Our Start

Neal Doshi is a Founder and Managing Partner of M³ Capital Partners. Prior to M³ Capital Partners, he ran several businesses from information technology to staffing to asset management. He is a proven entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in strategy, operation and business development. He has over 15 years of experience in a myriad of industries including healthcare, information technology, automotive manufacturing, and commercial real estate. With global work experience in the US, Mexico, China and Europe, he has developed strong, yet flexible leadership skills newly impacted by his MBA at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Corp! Magazine named him a "Most Valuable Professional" in 2015.

Neal dedicates time to helping others as well, using his skills as a strategist to work with various for-profit and non-profit boards in developing strategic plans. He is currently a Board Member with the Kay Douglas Marketing Group. Previous board experience includes Great Lakes Boy Scouts, the YMCA and the Community Housing Network. Neal resides in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife and three young children.

Firm Background

At M³, we focus on the long term picture, seeking to acquire businesses and grow them organically and inorganically. Our professionals combine financial expertise with entrepreneurial experience to effectively manage businesses and facilitate growth. We pride ourselves in working side by side with your management to grow and expand your business.

M³'s significant entrepreneurial and financial experience create an ideal team ready to help provide expertise in a wide variety of industries. Our management team has experience in a variety of industries, as well as a passion for acquiring and growing new businesses. With the businesses we acquire, we often look to partner with current management teams and create detailed and strategic plans for growth alongside them. We constantly seek new opportunities and will acquire multiple businesses.

Our Values


Always doing what we say we are going to do. Our reputation is our greatest asset.

We conduct business and negotiations with the standard of ethics with respect to the privacy of all stakeholders involved.

We negotiate and structure deal terms around both the buyer and sellers' perspectives.

With over 15 years in running several different small businesses, we have the team in place to continue the success of your business.

We look to partner with management teams of the businesses we acquire and create long lasting business solutions and growth plans.

Commitment to maintaining the company culture post-closing. We hold a deep appreciation for the unique characteristics that give family and owner-operated businesses a competitive advantage, and we believe changing the company culture can diminish those advantages.