Why Us

M3‘s significant entrepreneurial and financial experience create an ideal team ready to manage your business; perfect for an owner who seeks to step back from day-to day operations. We pride our deal terms on their consideration of the seller’s financial and personal needs. Our commitment to long term growth allows you to rest easy knowing that M3¬†will continue to develop your “baby” and grow its legacy. We constantly seek new opportunities and will acquire multiple businesses. We also consider corporate spinouts and partnering with owner/operators looking to transition management responsibilities in order to focus on product development.


  1. Integrity
    • We conduct business and negotiations with the standard of ethics with respect to the privacy of all stakeholders involved.
    • We negotiate and structure deal terms around both the buyer and sellers’ perspectives.
  2. Experience
    • With over 15 years in running several different small businesses combined with over 100 years of financial expertise, we have the team in place to continue the success of your business.
  3. Long-Term Commitment
    • We focus on growing the legacy of the business you built. We will run your business with the goal of increasing profitability, growing the enterprise for the long-term.